Who offers the technical support?
Micron 3D is the official Distributor of Souls 3D in Spain. Our company has a wide experience in a 3D jewelry design and hand-made jewelry. Our knowledge as designers and jewelers allows us to know the needs and expectations of our customers. To offer the best technical service to our customers, we are completely dedicated to the distribution of Solus 3D and we participate on it development.
How can I learn to use a printer?
After buy a printer, you will recieve a personal formation. You can also use our Youtube cannel to see all the tutorials related with the printer.
What’s a DLP printer?
The DLP printers do project the layers emitted by a DLP projector. These layers are kept inside a resin vat, this way the layers get harden there and a model is built layer by layer.
Is the projector included in the price?
Yes, the projector is included in the total price of a Solus 3D printer.
Is it hard to configure the system?
No, it’s not hard. You only should follow the instructions to do the set-up. It will take you less than an hour. We also offer a pre set-up for those costumers who want to acquire a full equipment incluiding a computer.
Do I need a computer to print?
Yes, a computer is required. Solus 3D printer only works when connected to a computer. Also, a computer must not be used while Solus 3D is printing.
Are there any minimum computer requirements?
Yes, OS should be Windows 7 or higher, processor Intel i3, 4 GB of RAM, graphic card Intel 4000 or higher (Intel 5500 is recommended). We also offer the possibility to acquire a computer when buying your Solus 3D printer. The computer models that we offer, were tested to guarantee the correct functioning of the printer.
Which is the software of the printer ?
Solus 3D printer has got its own software called Solus Contour. The software is so friendly and intuitive and you will only need 5 minutes to meet it and to start printing.
How does Solus 3D printer resin vat work?
A patented resin vat system of Solus 3D will help you to save money in every print you do. Now, there is no need to change your resin vat after several prints. When your resin vat is worn, you only need to replace a teflon film which Price is only 9,00€ VAT Included.
Does Micron 3D sell resin for a printer?
The only type of resin that we sell is called ProtoSolus, it has been formulated by a Solus 3D team. It offers a 10 microns resolution and you can use it to develope a direct molds. Solus 3D printer admits any kind of resin, this way you can use the resin that you prefer.
Can I receive a free simple printed on Solus3D?
Yes, to receive a free sample model printed on Solus 3D, just fill out our contact form or mail us to
Is any kind of post-processing necessary for prototypes?
Yes, once your models are printed, they should be cleaned and cured under a UV lamp light.
Which is the printer's warranty?
Both the printer and the projector have a one-year warranty.