Solus 3D


DLP system

With DLP system, you will get high quality 3D prototyped models with incredible surface quality.

Print more in less time

With DLP system, you can print as much models as you can place in your building platform and it would not increase a printing time.

Unique resin VAT system

A patented resin vat system of Solus 3D will help you to save money in every print you do. Now, there is no need to change your resin vat after several prints. When your resin vat is worn, you only need to replace a teflon film which Price is only 9,00€ VAT Included.

Imperceptible peeling

With a patented resin vat system, now the peeling of the layers is so much smoother and it gives ultra-smooth surfaces on your prototyped models.

High quality components

Solus 3D printer has an anodized aluminum body CNC and stainless steel components. A quartz glass and a high precision lead-screw provide a high quality print.

Solus contour

Solus 3D printer has got its own software called Solus Contour. The software is so friendly and intuitive and you will only need 5 minutes to meet it and to start printing.

Choose a quality level

Solus 3D allows you to choose a printing quality that you need for your models. You are able to choose a layer thickness from 10 to 30 microns, controlling the definition and a printing time. Solus 3d te permite escoger el nivel de detalle que quieras en tus prototipados. Podrás seleccionar el grosor de las capas desde 10 microns a 30 teniendo de este modo un control absoluto sobre la definición y el tiempo de impresión.

Choose your resin

Solus 3D has an open system so you can choose any resin that is available on a market and use it for your prints.

Printer dimensions: 180x156x290mm
Printing area and resolution 25XY: 48x27x80mm
Printing area and resolution 41XY: 80x45x80mm
Layer thickness: De 5 a 100 microns
Minimum requirements:

Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8 recommended), Intel i3 or higher, 4gb Ram or higher, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher (recommended Intel Graphics 5500) or Nvidia GeForce Graphics.